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Beta-testers agreement
Kadabra 2020 can only be sold/rented to official Beta-Testers!
if you are RENTING an instrument in this purchase, you will be contacted by email for the guarantied refundable arrangement.

Please read the agreement carefully and mark each checkbox to become an official Tribal-Tools Beta-Tester before purchase/rent.

This is a digitally signed agreement between Tribal-Tools (“Tribal-Tools”) and me (“Tester”):

Damage and Repairs

I, the Tester, as a Kadabra beta-tester, understand and confirm the following information:

  Tribal-Tools guarantees free repairs for any mechanical and/or electronic damage caused by natural use of the Kadabra for the whole Limited Guarantee Time Frame (two years) or rental period (in case of an instrument rental).

  For a Purchased Kadabra, Electronic and mechanical damages on a bruised instrument will be covered while in the Full Guarantee Time Frame only (one year), given a damage report. Keyboard lighting system is guaranteed for the whole Limited Guarantee Time Frame (two years). a Rented Kadabra is not covered for electronic and mechanical damages if bruised.

  Tribal-Tools does not guarantee free repairs for any wood bruises of any sort.
* Kadabra 2020 Rentals: please take care of your rented Kadabra, and inspect it on arrival.

Return and Refund

All Kadabras leave Tribal-Tools factory after mechanical, electronic, software and communication tests, and are thoroughly checked for malfunctions and glitches before shipping. To receive a refund or get a free return shipping, the Tester must video the first unboxing of the product, showing shipping damages.
I, the Tester, hereby declare that I understand and agree that my Kadabra is in beta-testing, which means it may in time attain unfamiliar malfunctions that may require physical attention by Tribal-Tools repair labs in Israel.

  Transporting my Purchased Kadabra for repairs inside the Full Guarantee Time Frame (one year), will be covered by Tribal-Tools for the first shipping only (both ways) but will NOT be an express shipping method. Transporting my Rented Kadabra for repairs will be paid solemnly by the Tester.

A faster shipping method can be paid for by me, the Tester, for both transportation ways should I choose.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

I, the Tester, also understand and agree that:

  As a Beta-Tester, I will be subjected to “inside” information, so I cannot publicly review or disclose information about my Kadabra, my client experience, technology, information received by Tribal-Tools Support or Sales in ANY social media or other media that can be viewed by the public without Tribal-Tools approval of the content.
  disclosing the above mentioned information will be considered as slander prosecutable by law, and will immediately exterminate my beta-tester\’s relationship with Tribal-Tools, henceforth returning my Kadabra to Tribal-Tools with NO REFUND, failing to do so will be charged as the Renting Rates of the instrument (excluding sales and coupons).

special Beta-Tester privileges

As a Beta-Tester, The Tester is entitled to a Trade-In of his Kadabra for a newer version and pay only for the difference (Dependent upon the acceptable state of the Kadabra).

Respecting this agreement, The Tester will receive full support from Tribal-Tools Support office and his/her bug reports and improvement suggestions will be taken seriously into the production process.


Agreement time frame: 2 years from Purchase Date.

Beta-Testers Full Guarantee Time Frame is 1 year from Purchase Date.
Beta-Testers Limited Guarantee Time Frame is 2 years from Purchase Date.